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What should I do if my patient has skin irritation beneath the electrodes?

A small number of patients can suffer from irritation beneath the electrodes. 

Prevention of skin problems is better than cure, please read "How do I prevent my patient from getting skin irritation?"

If skin irration does occur, we recommend these treatments:

  • Discontinue stimulation at that electrode site until the skin has healed, try moving the electrodes to avoid the skin irritation and consider a different electrode position.
  • Use Eumovate cream for one week which can be bought "over the counter".
  • If problem continues seek medical advice, as  a cream with a stronger steroid content may be required.
  • Change to symmetrical waveform.
  • Change to blue pals electrodes, if not already using them.
  • Consider referral to a Dermatologist if skin irritation persists.

If skin irritation continues to be a problem over a long period despite the above treatment it may be worth considering STIMuSTEP, the implanted dropped foot stimulator.

For further information or advice for patients on managing skin irrtation click on link below:

Skin irritation information sheet for users