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Odstock 2-Channel Stimulator Kit


The Odstock 2-Channel Stimulator (O2CHS) is essentially x2 ODFS® Pace devices in a single box but with additional circuitry to allow the two stimulators to interact.

It can be controlled by one or two footswitches with the same control features of the ODFS® Pace, with the addition of an adjustable delay following initiation on the second channel. It also has variable stimulation frequency.

The device has been used for:

  • Bilateral drop foot;
  • Drop foot with push off by adding calf stimulation;
  • Drop foot with knee flexion by addition of hamstrings;
  • Drop foot with hip extension by adding gluteals;
  • Drop foot and knee extension adding quadriceps;
  • Bilateral quadriceps;
  • Drop foot with triceps for reducing associated reaction; and
  • Assisted cough for high level tetraplegia.
SKU: ST-O2-CH-02