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ODFS® Pace XL Kit


The latest Odstock Dropped Foot Stimulator (ODFS®) Pace XL provides even greater user convenience.

Wireless activation of the stimulation removes the necessity for having a lead between the stimulator and the footswitch, improving aesthetics.

The use of surface electrodes and electrode leads remains to ensure maximum clinical versatility.

Used in conjunction with the OML LINQ TM, discreet stimulation triggering and enhances flexibility by allowing users to easily transfer the system from shoe to shoe.

The stimulator can still be used with the regular footswitch if required.

The OML LINQ TM is sold separately.

The ODFS® Pace XL kit contains:

  • ODFS® Pace XL
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Coin cell batteries
  • Electrode lead 1m
  • Pack of electrodes
  • Pair insoles
  • Pace pouch
  • Manuals
  • Quick start guides

Existing ODFS® Pace users may have the possibility to upgrade their device to the ODFS® Pace XL.

This would require agreement from the owner of the existing stimulator and there is a cost associated with this upgrade.

Contact your FES clinician for more details/advice.

Accessories allow the user to choose from a range of options for wearing the stimulator.

The ODFS® Pace (XL) can be worn:

  • At the waist;
  • On the leg; or
  • Carried in the pocket.

If you require further information regarding the ODFS® Pace XL or possible upgrade options, please call us on +44 (0)1722 439540


Technical Spec

Output amplitude: 10 to 100mA +/- 10% or 3mA (which ever is greater) into a 1k ohm load.

Frequency: 0 to 60 Hz in 5 Hz steps.

Pulse width: 0 - 360 µs in 3.6 µs steps.

Output times: 0 to 6 seconds in 50 ms steps.

Delay: 0 to 2 seconds in 50 ms steps.

Ramping times: 0 to 2 seconds in 50 ms steps.

Extension times: 0 to 2 seconds in 50 ms steps.

Output waveform: symmetrical or asymmetrical biphasic passive charge balanced.

Exercise duration: 5 to 100 minutes in 5 minute steps. Unlimited/no time out option.

Exercise on period: 1 to 10 seconds in 1 second steps.

Exercise off period: 1 to 10 seconds in 1 second steps.

Exercise ramp time: 1 to 10 seconds in 1 second steps.

Battery: LiPo Rechargeable PP3, 9V.

Battery life: 1-3 days Size 72 x 62 x 26 mm.

Weight: 75g excluding battery.

Frequency Band: 2.4-2.483GHz (2.4GHz ISM Band)


Wireless Compliance: the ODFS® Pace XL uses a Telegesis ETRX357 module which “has “been designed to meet all national regulations for worldwide use. The Telegesis ETRX357 wireless module used is EC-R&TTE certified (CE681) and complies with FCC CFR Part 15 (USA) meeting the requirements for modular transmitter approval as detailed in the FCC public notice DA00.1407.transmitter.

Equipment type: Type BF.