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ODFS® Leg Cuff


The ODFS® Leg Cuff has been designed to make daily placing of the electrodes quick and easy and can be used both with and without the stimulator attached.

By housing the electrodes within the cuff it is simpler to put on and take off.

When used with the ODFS® Pace XL (with wireless footswitch) there are virtually no visible leads when stimulator is attached.

If preferred, the ODFS® Pace or ODFS® Pace XL can conveniently be worn on the belt or in the pocket, the low profile cuff providing easier electrode application but still allowing the wearing of tighter fitting clothing.

The ODFS® Leg Cuff is available in both left and right leg configurations and has been developed to fit the broadest range of clinical needs through a combination of mounting positions, strap adjustment and extension pieces.

NOTE: Stimulator not included

Please also see our video section for a setup demonstration

Selecting the correct size: The ODFS® Leg Cuff is available in LEFT and RIGHT.

The size (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE) refer to the strap size.

The circumference at the head of fibula should be measured to determine the strap size:

Strap Size    Minimum Circumference   Maximum Circumference

The ODFS® Leg Cuff should only be fitted by an OML trained FES clinician.

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