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Get started with FES today!

Become an FES Practitioner

If you are clinician (physiotherapist, OT, doctor, orthotist etc.) and want to use FES with your patients, you must first receive training in FES. 

OML run a series of FES courses for its devices. For information, please view our courses page.

Refer a patient for FES treatment

Referrals can be made by a GP or medical consultant to Prof Paul Taylor at OML. Patients can be seen in Salisbury at the National Clinical FES Centre, or at one of our many Outreach Clinics.

Click here to access the referral criteria.

Find out more about FES

For more information about FES please visit our Knowledge Base.

This facility contains many research articles and abstracts about FES and the work by the Salisbury team.  Use the search facility to find the information you need.

Also try our 'frequently asked questions' page for practical clinical tips.

Take a look at our FES Equipment

To find out more about our products, please click products.