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The REAcH Project Participant Information

Accelerometer-Triggered electrical stimulation for reach and grasp in chronic stroke patients: A pilot study (Journal abstract)

Recent findings regarding the efficacy of functional electrical stimulation in patients with chronic hemiplegia and multiple sclerosis: a narrative literature review (Journal abstract)

The Effects of the Odstock Drop Foot Stimulator on Perceived Quality of Life for People With Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis (Journal abstract)

User experiences, preferences and choices relating to functional electrical stimulation and ankle foot orthoses for foot-drop after stroke (Journal abstract)

Is transcutaneous peroneal stimulation beneficial to patients with chronic stroke using an ankle-foot orthosis? A within-subjects study of patients' satisfaction, walking speed and physical activity level (Journal abstract)

The cost-effectiveness of the ODFS and STIMuSTEP

Gait in individuals with chronic hemiparesis: one-year follow-up of the effects of a neuroprosthesis that ameliorates foot drop (Journal abstract)

Long term therapeutic and orthotic effects of a foot drop stimulator on walking performance in progressive and nonprogressive neurological disorders (Journal abstract)

Neuroprosthesis for footdrop compared with an ankle-foot orthosis: effects on postural control during walking (Journal abstract)