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About Us

We are Odstock Medical Ltd (OML) and we are the UK’s leading provider of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) devices.

We were established in 2006 by the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to build on FES expertise created by Salisbury District Hospital.

Our devices have been designed through collaborative effort, for over 25 years, by clinical engineers, clinicians and patients at the National Clinical FES Centre.

Our devices can help with lower limb and upper limb problems.

We want to improve the lives of people with neuromuscular disabilities worldwide by providing the highest quality in medical device technology and service.

Contact information

Odstock Medical Ltd

Salisbury District Hospital,
Wiltshire ,


Call: +44(0)1722 439 540

Odstock Medical Limited is a UK registered company.

Company number 5532620
VAT number 878539948 

Company directors:
  • Phil Casson - CEO