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OML delivers PD Warrior Programme

File 930As part of OML's neurophysiotherapy service, we have two accredited PD WarriorTM Instructors.

This is a physiotherapy led exercise approach that incorporates the benefits of high effort exercise and behaviour change into an early intervention strategy for people who have Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease and are in stage 1 and 2.

The key is to treat early before problems such as falling and freezing occur. The programme utilises intensive, amplitude based and multi-tasking training strategies, which latest evidence shows to be effective.

PD WarriorTM can help with:
  • Confidence in movement
  • Quality of life
  • Self-efficacy
It can address:
  • Tremor
  • Bradykinesia
  • Dysmetria
  • Rigidity

The PD WarriorTM Programme has been developed by specialist physiotherapists in Sydney, Australia. We are fortunate to be able to deliver this programme here in Salisbury.

To find out more about this exciting programme please visit and call us on +44 (0)1722 439 560