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Drop foot correction

Neuroprosthetic effect of peroneal nerve stimulation in multiple sclerosis: a preliminary study (Journal abstract)

Therapeutic Effect of an Implantable Peroneal Nerve Stimulator in Subjects With Chronic Stroke and Footdrop: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Journal abstract)

Walking on an uneven surface: the effect of common peroneal stimulation on gait parameters and relationship between perceived and measured benefits in a sample of participants with a drop foot (Journal abstract)

A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Implantable 2-Channel Peroneal Nerve Stimulator on Walking Speed and Activity in Poststroke Hemiplegia (Journal abstract)

STIMuSTEP: Implantable drop foot devices are here

Patients’ perceptions of functional electrical stimulation (FES) for drop foot (Journal abstract)

An implantable 2-channel lower-extremity neuroprosthesis: long-term clinical follow-up in five stroke patients (Conference abstract)

The effect of combined use of Botulinum Toxin Type A and Functional Electrical Stimulation in the treatment of spastic drop foot after stroke: A preliminary investigation (Journal abstract)

Does the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure determine if the Odstock drop foot stimulator improves activities of daily living for people with Multiple Sclerosis? (Conference abstract)

Non-repetitive Stimulation of the Common Peroneal Nerve (Conference Abstract)