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Change your life with FES

We are Odstock Medical Ltd and we are the UK’s leading distributor of FES systems. FES is for patients who are affected by drop foot, walking impairment or upper limb disability.

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Can I receive FES treatment?

In order to receive this treatment and benefit from the unique effects of FES, we will need a referral from your GP, consultant or physiotherapist.

How to receive treatment


Making your life easier with a discreet, wireless transmitter.

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ODFS® Leg Cuff

Designed to make day-to-day use more simple.

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Odstock Medical Leg Cuff

Take a positive step towards living with Parkinson's

A great exercise-based programme specifically for those newly diagnosed or in the early stages.

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PD Warrior

ODFS® Pace XL with wireless footswitch

New technology allows wireless footswitch triggering of the ODFS® Pace XL

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ODFS Pace XL with wireless footswitch


We are able to offer specialist outpatient physiotherapy for individuals with a neurological condition. We offer a rehabilitation service that can help to improve functional ability and your quality of life.

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Accredited Courses

We run training courses and workshops on the application of FES in neuro-rehabilitation. Clinicians must attend a course before they can prescribe the ODFS® Pace, ODFS® Pace XL or O2CHS for their patients.

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Information for Patients

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Comments & Endorsements

I've walked more in the past week, since I've had the stimulator, than I have all year - my stick is now redundant.Pauline Silence
I find it a great help and I’ve experienced no problems with it at all. The people up at the clinic are excellent, I wear it everyday.Des Fitzgerald
It changed my life. One minute I was struggling around with a walking stick and the next I could walk without it. It gave me confidence and I’m no longer dependent on other people – I ...Victor Kemp
FES has enabled me to get my life back. I have done things and gone places I could only dream of a few years ago. I can look at the world again instead of my feet and I am no ...Nigel Wolstenholme
The ODFS® Pace has given me my life back and I can't imagine life without it. I am now able to do things around the house like cooking and cleaning. It also stops me relying on ...Mrs J Marshall
The stimulator is enabling me to have a great time here in Cyprus. The FES is coping well with weather. Not quite climbing mountains like a goat, but do a fair impression!Mr J Green
"I have been using a single channel stimulator for foot drop, due to MS, for 5 years. I wear it every day and it has allowed me to carry on working full-time. It is the single most ...Alison Clark
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News & Events

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